SWIS Council

On behalf of the students of South Wellington Intermediate School, we’d like to welcome you to SWIS. If you choose to attend our school, we promise you that you will meet lots of wonderful people who will become your friends for life. Our school provides the chance to develop your leadership skills, language skills, academic skills, cultural skills and sporting skills.

Our friendly teachers will help you to achieve your potential and the students join together as one big family. Choose South Wellington Intermediate School as your New Zealand school, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Student Representatives

The class reps have just been elected for 2019. We are lucky to have such wonderful leaders in the school.

SWIS Student Council 2019

Enviro group

The Enviro group is about helping the environment, what we can do to make the environment a better place than it already is. Even little things that we do actually does help. Like recycling, putting things in the bin and not littering. The enviro group’s aim is to have no litter on the ground anywhere in school.

Outreach committee

At the outreach committee we help and donate to charities. We have a different charity for each term that we will be helping. We are starting with Pink Shirt Day to support a no bullying society. We hope to raise a lot of money for these charities by fundraising in all sorts of ways. All in all our vision is to help people.

Lunchtime committee

Everyone on this committee is more than happy to help out when it comes to sports and activities at SWIS. We want to make SWIS students able to use the school’s sports equipment and be trusted to put it back at every interval and lunch break.

We also think a little competition is great and that class vs class competitions should be regular with many different topics so every class has a chance of having their skills put to their advantage. With more chances for entertaining sports comes more chances for entertaining learning.

Values committee

Our committee is responsible for the students input into making SWIS a great PB4L school. Our school values being Safe, Respectful and Responsible and we’re the people who will ensure it is visible within the school.

Social committee

We are responsible for arranging a range of events including discos and prize giving that the students of SWIS can be a part of and enjoy.