About our classes and classrooms

Students develop strong relationships with their classroom teacher, who is responsible for integrating Social Studies, English and Maths. Students also have an opportunity to learn from different teachers in other curriculum areas. Each class has Science and Health and Physical Education (PE) classes, taught by teachers whose strengths and passions lie in each of these areas.

Our students have a selection of Art and Technology subjects to choose from, plus we offer our students elective subjects for Enrichment, Sports and Languages. Due to this, students work with a range of staff and build positive learning relationships across the school. This serves as an ideal preparation for the child’s secondary education.

All classes are arranged as mixed Year 7 and Year 8. Students will be challenged with opportunities to participate in a range of academic, cultural and arts programmes.

Class placements for the following year are not made until the start of Term 1 of that year, when returning students arrive at SWIS for their first day. Whilst there can be no guarantees, all requests regarding teachers and groupings for your child will be carefully considered.

Subjects taught daily:

Integrated Studies (English & Social Studies)


Subjects taught twice a week:


Health & P.E.

Subjects taught once a week:

Languages; French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Malay, NZ Sign Language, Te Reo


Art & Technology Subjects Taught in 12 Week Cycles

Our students benefit from experiencing four options within arts and technology, including:


Food Technology

Hard Materials


Digital Technology


Visual Arts