SWIS Annual SWIS Participation School Camp

Why go to camp?

SWIS hold an annual camp that is accessible to all students early in the year as this is a perfect opportunity for students to form new relationships having all come here from different schools. It also is a wonderful chance for teachers to get to know the students in their class in an environment outside the class which is valuable in building positive relationships.

We plan our camp around the school’s mission:

CHALLENGE | To work together to overcome challenges.

ENGAGE | To build relationships with peers and teachers.

INQUIRE | To think critically about the best way to achieve a goal.

INSPIRE | To inspire active learners


Tatum Park, Levin, offers a range of activities for students of all ages as part of your school camp experience. These include:

Confidence Course: A 12-stage course built by the New Zealand Army Engineers to exacting requirements; designed to be used by people of all ages.

Flying Fox: Part of the confidence course, the flying fox requires a higher level of supervision.

Swimming Pool:  The swimming pool is fairly large, with a shallow and deep end. It is fully-fenced with a self-closing gate that cannot be opened by young children.

Catapults:  This activity really brings out the leadership qualities and team work – the idea being to build the catapult from a plan and fire the pine cone as far as possible – very competitive!

Blindfolded Walking Boards: A simple exercise using two lengths of wood and ropes – the aim is children stand and walk the boards blindfolded through obstacles while the other pair or members of group instruct. A great listening exercise!

Orienteering:  There are three Orienteering Courses, all designed for different age groups. Perfect during the day or as a night time activity with torches.

Tatum Park Fire CircleFire Circles: There are three Fire Circles, all are surrounded by native bush and make the ideal place for storytelling at night with marshmallows.

Hobo Stoves: These are great fun – small fires are lit in designated areas under an upturned A.10 can and the children can cook their own pikelets. This also gives us the opportunity to teach children about the dangers and consequences of fire – all under supervision of course.

Format & Length

Our camp is split into four events, with each camp running for three days, two nights. Four classes attend each camp.

  • Camp 1: Rooms 1, 2, 3, 14 | Week 1 – Wednesday start
  • Camp 2: Rooms 5, 13, 16, 17 | Week 1 – Friday start
  • Camp 3: Rooms 4, 6, 12, 15 | Week 2 – Wednesday start
  • Camp 4: Rooms 8, 9, 10, 11 | Week 2 – Friday start

Camp is usually held in February each year. Dates for 2020 to be advised when available.

Adult helpers

Due to the Vulnerable Children’s Act all adult helpers intending to stay over at any of our camps need to be police vetted. The vetting remains valid for 2 years – the whole of the time your child is at SWIS. Download the vetting form.

We also ask that parent helpers contribute a nominal fee towards the cost of their accommodation.

The Camp Consent and Medical Form are essential as they give us information allowing us to ensure we provide the best experience for our students. These need to be completed and sent back to school. Students will all be given a hard copy of this form during the first week of school, but if you wish to get the jump on this a copy will be available for download soon.

Camp gear

The Camp Gear List is provided so students have adequate equipment to enjoy a great camp.

Camp Forms

Useful forms for school camp.

Police Vetting FormConsent / Medical FormCamp Gear