A Typical School Day at SWIS

Each morning students start their school day by listening out for their daily notices. These are important as they tell you what special events are taking place.

Each day students are taught in mathematics and integrated studies usually through the inquiry model. This is done in their homeroom with their classroom teacher. This means their relationships with their teacher develops quickly.

During semi specialisation (Semi Spec) time whole classes move together to be taught by a teacher who specialises in Science, Health and Physical Education (P.E.), Technology and the Arts. Through this timetable, students benefit from lessons with specialist teachers with familiar classmates around them.

Twice a week students attend elective subjects. One will be a language or a sport, while the other subject (enrichment) is a choice from a wide range of fun activities.

There are two breaks a day, with an interval break and a longer lunch break. Often sports practices or group meetings will take place during lunch.

At the end of the day, the students gather back in their homerooms where any final notices are shared. Shortly after the bell rings students can be seen leaving the school, often zooming away on their scooter.

While most students go home at the end of the school day some stay after school for practice or travel to another venue for matches.